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update for Honduras trip MISSION COMPLETE! Since the completion of this page, Venous Solutions is proud to annouce the mission was a 100% success! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


Slide WE NEED YOUR HELP 100% OF ALL PROCEED WILL BE USED TO FUND OUR MISSION TRIP Since 2003, the HHPF “Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation” has offered vein care as part of its service learning trip to provide needed medical care to the underserved people of Honduras. Venous Solutions, Inc has now joined this noble effort and we’re looking for sponsorship. This amazing experience gives volunteers the opportunity to work with a dedicated group physician instructors, nurses, vascular technologists and assistants. Together, with modest accommodations and resources,they are changing people’s lives by using sclerotherapy to treat venous disease and often treatment of years of suffering of severe ulcers.

This trip will last nine days, providing service from 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. Most patients arrive hours prior hopping to get the medical treatment needed. Our team at Venous Solutions, is donating expertise, ultrasound equipment and supplies to help serve the people of Honduras. The total cost per person attending is $1,500.00 for flight, boarding and transportation. We’re hoping to raise $5,000.00 to send three of our team members along with medical equipment for this cause. To help, simply click the Fundly link below and any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Team Venous Solutions
GO FUND ME PAGE The Venous Solutions team has been accepted for the March 2019 Honduras Vein Mission Trip. This service trip will provide needed medical care to the undeserved people of Honduras. More than half of their population is in poverty. Many of these patient’s suffering from vein disease have severe ulcers they are unable to get care for. We would greatly appreciate it if you would sponsor us in this exciting adventure to give back to those in need! GO FUND ME PAGE images of medical treatment

Slide dr claudia rios datta Angie Gardner is a very talented and knowledgeable RVT . I truly enjoy working with her and I was most impressed by her willingness to teach and great communication skills. Dr. Claudia Rios-Datta - New York Dr. Claudia Rios-Datta - New York

Slide Angies expertise goes beyond that of most registered vascular technologists. She knows how to find the source of the problem and where the treatment recommended will work best. Complex cases such as incompetent perforators, difficult vascular access points, and tortuous anatomy are no problem with her help. And patients love her! Dr Denise P Abernethy Dr Denise P Abernethy